Level 3 Diploma in Sustainable Wildlife Conservation and Biodiversity Management

This course is offered by Animal Careers Direct – providing career advice and training solutions since 2005.

Launched by Animal Careers Direct and written by Andrew Anderson, this course draws on 30 years’ professional involvement in wildlife management and biodiversity conservation.

The course is designed to suit those working, or wanting to work, in careers related to biodiversity management and wildlife conservation.

What you will study

The ecological concepts and functions important to conservation.

The role of biodiversity and how it can be managed.

The methods and techniques used to sustainably manage wildlife populations.

The biodiversity-based economy and how this can contribute to addressing modern global challenges related to socio-economics.

Learning is flexible and study is conducted online with the support of a dedicated tutor.
This course includes a 2-week practical training placement, with African Insight Academy in a Game Reserve in South Africa, packed with opportunities to learn through hands-on practical experience and exposure to a cross section of eco-systems learning a variety of wildlife and conservation techniques and practical applications including:

Successful completion of the theory course results in the Ofqual regulated Level 3 Diploma in Sustainable Wildlife Conservation and Biodiversity Management.