10 compelling reasons you should join a Wildlife Internship Or Volunteer Programme after graduating

The commercialization of education has led to greater emphasis on academic theory and obtaining a degree, rather than practical skills. The end result is that the academic system is highly geared to pumping out graduates that are not “fit for purpose” and thus unemployable in the field.

This is the number one reason that employers give preference to job candidates who have work experience. Getting work experience is the biggest challenge facing graduates entering the work environment.

Here are 10 compelling reasons for joining a wildlife internship or volunteer programme:

  1. Work experience is key to getting that dream job in your chosen field in a competitive job environment.
  2. An internship or volunteering experience abroad will give you a global perspective, which is what many employers are looking for and which will add value to your resume.
  3. You will meet people and make contacts that may be useful in opening doors or enhancing your professional career.
  4. You will gain valuable practical insights into the professional field, which may challenge or enhance your academic experience.
  5. For those still studying, it is an opportunity to do field work and data collection for a formal dissertation.
  6. You will be adding value and making a difference through the work you will be doing.
  7. It is an opportunity for personal growth in many areas.
  8. You will develop and practice different life skills, which you will take with you for the rest of your life.
  9. Meeting different people and experiencing a different culture is a valuable opportunity to explore and discover one’s own heritage and life purpose.
  10. Not everything is perfect and to your liking and that is the reality of life and employment. You will learn to embrace the bigger picture and deal with the resultant conflicts in a positive and constructive way.

An African Insight Academy internship offers a programme designed and developed over many years of professional experience in the wildlife conservation field.

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The volunteering and internships sector is fraught with pitfalls, especially in wildlife conservation. Many businesses are nothing more than a tourism trap using interaction with wildlife under the guise of conservation to attract customers. Choosing an ethical organization or programme requires some research.

Volunteers in Africa Beware is a reputable resource for wildlife related volunteer projects.

Southern Africa Tourism Services Association (SATSA) offers a very useful resource for Evaluating Captive Wildlife Attractions and Interactions.




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