A Complete Guide to Planning A South African Field Trip

African Insight Academy is committed to advocating for more professionalism in educational tourism. We are one of the pioneers of responsible tourism in South Africa.

During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic and the global shut down of international travel, what better way to “pay it forward” than to write A Complete Guide to Planning a South African Field Trip.

An educational field trip is an investment in your students’ education, in your institution’s reputation, and in your (the trip organiser’s) career.
Therefore, it is important that you plan it thoroughly and carefully.

African Insight Academy has had the privilege of 25 years of experience in helping international schools, colleges and universities plan and execute field trips that inspire, educate, and empower young people. African Insight Academy has hosted hundreds of groups consisting of 10 to over 100 participants from all over the world. In total, we have hosted over 12 000 students, teachers and tutors; and we have worked with over 30 different academic institutions.

Our aim is that no matter who you choose to partner with as your in-country venture provider, the information provided in this comprehensive guide will ensure that you and your students enjoy a safe and successful field trip to our amazing country – South Africa.

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In this guide we cover the following:

“This Complete Guide offers thoughtful sections on how to conceive of, plan for, and develop, a successful field course. It also offers a careful, step-by-step guide to the practicalities for lecturers and educators. It is also a valuable reminder document for those who have had the experience of previous courses. We would not conceive of planning our South Africa programme with any other company. With African Insight there is everything one needs to create, and deliver, a first-rate experience/education-rich and a superbly managed field course.”

Dr Caroline Ross and Professor Garry Marvin, Department of Life Sciences, University of Roehampton, London.