Book Launch: A Complete Guide to Planning A South African Field Trip

An educational field trip is an investment in your students’ education, in your institution’s reputation and in your (the trip organiser’s) career. Therefore, it is important that you plan it thoroughly and carefully.

However, most educators experience planning a field trip as a total overwhelm. Why? Because they are comfortable in their educational role and do not want to get involved with the perceived time consuming complexities of planning a field trip.

But international field trips enable educational institutions to recruit more students and create a more comprehensive, globally-integrated educational experience. The result is more inspired and empowered students that are more successful in a competitive employment environment.

Having worked with over 12000 students around the globe since 1996, I realized that educational institutions need:

  1. Educational field trips that enhance the academic institution’s reputation and the students’ educational experience; thereby increasing student enrolment and satisfaction.
  2. To ensure that their courses (and the institution as a whole) are more competitive and globally integrated.
  3. A reputable and internationally accredited in-country field trip specialist to partner with who takes the pain out of organising field trips and provides peace of mind that students are safe at all times.

To solve these problems, I published A Complete Guide To Planning a South African Field Trip, which is available on Amazon.

I have had the privilege of 24 years of helping international schools, colleges and universities plan and execute field trips that educate, inspire and empower youth. Through African Insight Academy, we have hosted hundreds of groups consisting of 10 participants to over 100 participants from all over the world. In total, we have hosted over 12 000 students, teachers, and tutors; and we have worked with over 30 different academic institutions.

African Insight Academy is committed to advocating for more professionalism in educational tourism and we are one of the pioneers of responsible tourism in South Africa.

No matter who you choose to partner with as your in-country venture provider, the information provided in this book will ensure that you and your students enjoy a safe and successful field trip to our amazing country.

In A Complete Guide to Planning a South African Field Trip I cover the following aspects:

  • Aims, Objectives and Benefits
  • Planning Timelines
  • Choosing Your Field Trip Destination
  • Overview of South Africa
  • Conservation and Wildlife Areas
  • Wildlife Tourism and Local Communities
  • Choosing the Right Time to Go
  • Choosing an In-Country Partner (Venture Provider)
  • Legal Compliance
  • Health and Safety
  • Safety/Safeguarding Management Plan
  • Flights
  • Visas
  • Travel Insurance
  • Financial Implications
  • Marketing and Recruitment
  • Payment Schedule
  • Pre-departure Briefings
  • 30-Days Prior to Departure
  • On Trip Communications
  • Post Trip Evaluation

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£9.99 or $9.99

Or, for 3 days only – 13, 14 and 15 NOVEMBER 2020 – you can download your copy of the book for free.



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