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Dr. Sam Ferreira

After many years in the wild, Sam Ferreira shares lessons at his work places. From doing fieldwork for doctorate studies in coastal forests of KwaZulu-Natal; collecting rodents and shrews in the Eastern Cape; controlling feral cats and studying seals and killer whales at sub-Antarctic Marion Island; and planning marine reserves, doing dolphin and seabird research and eradicating alien rats in New Zealand. But Sam’s lessons are mostly African – he is African!

Sam studied elephant, lion, leopards, rhinos, hippos, all kinds of antelope and crocodiles amongst people from southern to eastern Africa.

For Sam, people and wildlife together is at the heart of sustainability and thriving landscapes. Sam published 133 scientific peer-reviewed papers, three chapters in books, a popular book, lots of technical reports, and often talks at national and international conferences as well as act as a public speaker.

He is a SACNASP professional scientist with 3613 citations, an H-index of 33, I10-Index of 82, and RG-Score of 35.89 (95th percentile). Sam’s day job is a large mammal ecologist at South African National Parks.

Who let the cats out? – contrasting perspectives on lions

Big cats, lions in particular, create large tourist traffic jams. Somebody let the cats out! What are lions doing in Africa? How are their population coping with increasingly more people in Africa? Are there places that contrast the doom and gloom of lions disappearing that most documentaries leave an excited viewer to think?

Sam Ferreira focuses on the unique space that South Africa is in with growing wild lion numbers and controversial captive lions. Can the law, policy, science, management and the public interact to generate outcomes that benefits wildlife and people alike? Sam provides reflections on the roaring possibilities of the iconic African lion remaining as the symbol of Africa’s riches.


Date: 16 MARCH 2022

Time: 14h00 (SAST)

Venue: This webinar takes place virtually over Zoom. Each attendee will receive a unique access code.

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