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Senne van 't Hof

Senne van ‘t Hof

At Justdiggit we aim to inspire and activate millions of people to start regreening their own land. We do this with help of awareness campaigns and different kinds of (educational) communication tools.

My role within the team is to translate the impact we make in the project areas into understandable language for our supporters and other partners. I’m also in charge of the impact measurements of our different communication channels. How many people do we reach with our communication tools and which of these people are really inspired and activated to join our regreening mission? These are some of the issues I deal with.

Restoration Of Severely Damaged Landscapes and Cooling the Planet

Justdiggit is on a mission to cool down the planet by re-greening dry land in Africa and removing carbon from the atmosphere.
Together with local partners and communities Justdiggit runs re-greening projects in Africa that benefit climate and positively impact nature, biodiversity, people and livelihoods.

We can only cool down the planet if everyone is involved in making the change happen. Justdiggit successfully uses the power of communication to raise awareness on nature-based solutions to address the issue of global warming. With a support of a global network of media partners and by utilizing targeted media and technology, Justdiggit empowers millions of African farmers to restore their own land. Through their positive storytelling campaigns, Justdiggit’s aim is to mobilize people all around the world to become ambassadors of re-greening and cool down the planet by 2030.

Learn more about Justdiggit

Website: justdiggit.org

Facebook: facebook.com/justdiggit

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7ORx3ShYPn7TmBmWdphCOg


Date: 25 January 2022

Time: 13h00 (SAST)

Venue: This webinar takes place virtually over Zoom. Each attendee will receive a unique access code.

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